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About me

I'm a multi-discipline mixed media artist, designer, movie buff and music enthusiast. No matter the medium, my art always reflects the hardships and struggles I have overcome. When I share my vision of the world, I hope to inspire a deeper connection with you the viewer and your life journey. I make my art to encourage others to face the struggles in their lives and to see the beauty where they normally overlook. I have found that patience has been a great inspiration for me. People don't take the time to appreciate what they have or what's around them. With the right lighting/color and composition, I can challenge your preconceptions about art. Due to Covid 19 I have moved back to Alberta since I lung disease and cannot work back in the public sector. The silver lining is that I can focus on my art and hone my craft.


About my work

After coming to Vancouver and getting a diploma in Game Art and Design in 2013, I decided to push my 2d artwork. I find working with traditional methods to be very therapeutic and satisfying. Every day I try something new as I feel with each new style, I learn that it makes me better with the next one. Some people are not able to articulate their emotions and that's where my art comes in. I'm a passionate, sensitive individual who can sympathize with people easily. Conversing with clients is the best part of this job and I hope that manifests in my work.

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